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Ben Kenobi's Retro Car


Obi Wan Kenobi has finished with the intergalactic war, and finally wants to relax. He had just bought a retro car on Earth, for traveling around different locations in the Lego city, and beyond ( if you want to see a short video animation, you can access this link:


By being a retro car, the main color of the vehicle is light bluish gray. The front of the automobile has: two lights, a registration number, side view mirrors and a big transparent blue windscreen ( by the way, all the windows of the car are transparent blue ). Both sides are similar in the amount of details, and are equipped with opening doors. The back of the vehicle has some nice, and also interesting features and details. Some of these are: two orange lights, the same registration number as it is in the front, and an opening trunk. The trunk is big enough to hold some small boxes ( in Lego form ) or suitcases. When the trunk is closed, a bicycle can also be placed on top of it.

For having access to the interior, the roof can be easily removed. The inside of the car can accommodate two people - the driver in the front and another passenger in the back. The inside also has: a steering wheel and a small light bluish gray stud that represents a radio.

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