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The Cube Houses of Rotterdam

"A living environment that makes you forget the meaning of the word living." This is how Piet Blom described the cube houses that have become the most famous buildings in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands. It serves as a hotspot for tourism due to its post-war modernistic architecture, with most structures pushing the boundaries expected from a building.

Piet envisioned the buildings standing tall like trees, providing cover for the shared environment below. Inside this forest of houses, habitants and visitors are protected from the stress of city life.

Only two floors were included in the houses to keep their size smaller. This choice was made to make the buildings fit in with other modular city buildings and to keep the price of the set down.

The set consists of 1236 pieces and contains:
  • A cube house + interior
  • A Dutch Cheese girl traveling to Gouda on her Cargo bike. (Because I wanted to include something incredibly Dutch.)

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