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Mega Man X Ultrabuild Figure

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This is an Ultrabuild based off of Mega Man X, the main character of the Mega Man X series of video games made by Capcom. On his back are 2 X-Busters, his starting weapon in the games. This figure is based off of X's default armor that you start with in X1-X8. You can swap out the arms for the X-Busters on his back. Remove the forearm at the elbow, and swap the arms for the X-Buster. The X-Buster is a Furno 2.0 knee joint, with the small snap on armor plate, and the Furno XL thigh armor plate. More soon. Next up for a revamp is Zero, X's partner!!!! Zero will have the Z-Saber, and MAYBE the Z-Buster. I HAVE NO RIGHTS TO THE FRANCHISE OR THE GAMES. THIS CLEARLY IS A FAN IDEA. ALL RIGHTS GO TO CAPCOM FOR MAKING THIS EPIC GAME SERIES. I will get more pictures when I can, but I am a bit busy at the moment. Sorry, but I will get the good pictures.

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