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Eco-Friendly Studio


This is a concept for an Eco-Friendly Studio designed for a variety of different uses: work, play, relaxation, meditation, solitude, etc.

I built this because I think there is a need for more environmental awareness in designing living spaces. I also believe that combining indoor and outdoor living will help us feel part of nature, instead of separate from it. I think this LEGO set is a unique build that will appeal to everyone who is concerned with living responsibly as we deal with climate change.

This model is designed for a warm, dry climate, and its features include:
  • Open Front Wall faces out on an organic vegetable/flower garden and allows outdoor air to circulate freely throughout (a floor-to-ceiling mesh curtain can easily be added here or sliding glass doors for a less temperate climate).
  • Sunshade provided in the form of a large retractable awning over the front wall, plus smaller awnings over and next to the sliding glass entry door.
  • Solar Panels which pivot automatically to track the sun and maximize collection of clean energy for off-the-grid power.
  • Hinged Back Wall that swings open to create a large private outdoor space and also acts as a windscreen.
  • This LEGO set also has a removable roof for easy access to the inside space, so you can customize the interior layout to your liking.

Hope you like it and will support! Thank you!

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