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My 6-cylinder airplane was built out of pure creativity and a lot of what if questions. In my opinion it is an intricate and complex but interesting build that I think many people will enjoy greatly. It has a propeller that can spin as well as pistons that fire when a crank is turned. The crank can only be turned counterclockwise because if not the engine jams.

The wingspan is 15 1/2 inches in length and each have a support that connect to the support beams that are connected to the wheel it has a diameter of the wheel is 2 1/6 inches, and each wheel connected by three beams one of which is connected to a corresponding wing by a support.

The tail fin can be adjusted by a gear that when rotated, the wings move accordingly. The engine has 6 pistons that fire at regular intervals when the crank is turned. I have spent about 2 weeks building and designing the plane and I think of it to be finished.

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