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The Bus Central

Welcome to the Bus Station of the city. A space for the concentration of bus lines and taxis so that our minifigures can travel to other parts of our diorama.

The recent rise in fame and volume of minifigures in the city has created a need for long-distance bus lines. Buses of great comfort and features for the traveler, space between seats, TV and catering service, with good space to accommodate up to 12 minifigures plus a driver.

The station contemplates the basic needs of traveler support:

-ANA's Food Stand: Famous throughout the city, Ana's features delicious hot dogs, waffles, and cakes.

-Ticket office: Here they will not only give you your ticket, but they will also store your bags before your trip.

-Waiting area: It is accessed through the stairs located at the back of the building. It has a TV, large sofas with umbrellas and a good view of the city.

-Platforms: the station has 3 docks and a shared space for taxis. The three Platforms are covered to prevent rain and snow.

-Vehicles: Bus and taxi with good capacity for minifigures and space for suitcases.

A fun model that includes 8 minifigures, a cat and a bird. I hope you like it.

Thank you very much.

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