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Starnight - Original Spacecraft


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     After having to take apart my beloved Ultra Stealth Raider set for a school project, I was left with a bunch of pieces I didn't really know what to do with. After a few hours, and a few extra pieces, I made this highly lethal spacecraft, The Starnight. It's a name that literally contradicts itself(Sun is a star, and the night), as does the ship. Most spaceships of this size have two laser guns, nothing else. The Starnight, on the other hand, has two massive 6 stud shooters, and we all know little plastic studs are extremely dangerous to other high end spacecraft.

     Aside from the stud shooters, the Starnight has room for the pilot(can fit two minifigs) and one main engine in the back. It is a very sturdy design, as can be dropped from at least 6" up and not have the model break.

     This amazing set would be a great addition to LEGO because all of the Star Wars sets we have of small spacecraft are mostly just remakes of old sets we already have. The Starnight is original, while also fun to play with, with high levels of "swooshability". For a more in-depth review, go to my blog, where I have made a post on it(
     And, if you have any questions, suggestions, or critique, I am welcome to hearing them.

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