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LEGO Minifigure Stand

I've realized that one of the biggest problems in the LEGO community is often the lack of Official LEGO products that allow customers and collectors to properly display their own creations or sets. For those that want a simplistic, stylish, and functional way to display their minifig collections, there's not many options available at this time, especially not in LEGO stores. There are some options out there either through third-party sellers or even some from LEGO themselves, but there's not an affordable solution to display mass quantities of minifigures until now!

This 170 piece minifigure display includes enough space to properly display and show off 36 characters at a time. The best part about this design though is that stands can be attached to one another on either side to expand your displaying options and collections. I designed this set only out of need because I could not find another option that gave my minifigs enough space to show off their details without feeling "cluttered".

I could see this set being a long-time seller for the LEGO company as there will always be a need for those that want to properly display their minifigs from the past and for many years to come. Because of the nature of this set, people will want to purchase multiple units and at roughly potentially ($20-25) each, based on piece count, this is an extremely affordable option.

As always, I appreciate feedback and would love to see something like this available from LEGO for many years to come. I wish they would offer "lifetime" products such as this and now's the chance to make it a reality. Please leave a vote and I hope everyone has been doing well during these recent trying times. LEGO can often be an escape for many, including myself, so KEEP ON BRICKING!

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