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It's Jess! - The New Girl Loft


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“Saturday is a day for sleeping, and you will not take that away from me!” - Winston

Unless.. what if I present you something better than sleeping?

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!

This set represents 'The Loft (4D)' from the hit series ‘New Girl’. This is a detailed model for fans of the series. This is a chance to have The Loft in your own home! 

“Oh god, you’re about to say something stupid, aren’t you?” - Cece

The story behind the creation of this set
I discovered ’New Girl’ a few years ago. My girlfriend told me to watch the show. We watched it together and now it is my favorite! And so I told my friends and family to watch the show. Guess what, they love it! This inspired me to create this set. Because: who doesn’t love New Girl?

About the set
The set represents The Loft, one of the most important places of the series. I filled it with easter eggs and details from different seasons and moments. Can you spot them all? The set contains 1119 pieces.

Oh, and… you can’t have a New Girl set without bears, right?

The minifigures

"And if you want to get with me, you’re gonna have to get with my friends." - Jess

That’s why the set contains 6 minifigures: Jessica Day (Jess), Nick, Winston, Schmidt, Cece and Coach. And of course Ferguson Michael Jordan Bishop, but he is hidden somewhere. Ferguson?!

The details
There are a lot of thing to explore in the Loft to explore. A few of those are:

  • Is that a significant otter on the television?
  • A hammer? Why is there a hammer in the hallway?
  • Nick’s laptop
  • Tran's cap
  • The frame and signs from the original intro
  • The mug

If you want a lego set that is based on ’New Girl’, please consider clicking the ’Support’ button. One, two or 29! times the support is not enough. It needs 10.000 supporters to let lego consider making this a real set. So don’t hesitate sharing this with your friends, family and all other New Girl fans in the world!

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