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Cuphead: The Devil's Casino


Ms Chalice

To celebrate the release of Cuphead DLC, I have added Ms Chalice to the set!
Hope you all like it!


Bosses added.

I decided to add some bosses to the casino for this update because if only one Cuphead set got made, people would want more than just one thing. They would want multiple bosses.
I hope you like it!


Evil Cuphead and Vile Mugman.

These are my custom minifigures of Evil Cuphead and Vile Mugman from the bad ending of Cuphead.
Hope you like it!


100 supporters!

Thank you all for your support!
For this update I made a Lego model of Mangosteen. Every time this project reaches a milestone, I'll do another casino boss.
Hope you like it!

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