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EL17 Electric Locomotive from Norway

I have designed a EL17 from NSB in Norway. The train is 30 stud long and 6stud wide so it fits in the lego city serie. It is remote controlled and using power function train motor. I did my best to make it realistic. 

I think it is fun to see how many supporters I get and if you want this model to become a set please support me. I can hope for the «jackpot», a real LEGO set. 

This model is good for LEGO because it is very realistic and looks like an locomotive. It is good both for kids and AFOL's because it fits perfectly in the LEGO City series and therefore good for kids, but it may also be attracting for AFOL's who want a realistic model of a real train as EL17. 

If you want this model to become a LEGO set please support

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