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Doctor Who: The Classics


~Welcome to the Doctor Who: the Classics project~

This LEGO Ideas project shows 76 Totter's Lane, first 'Home' of the Doctor and TARDIS' console room.

 For those who aren't fans of Doctor Who, I should tell that:

-TARDIS is a time-and-space machine looking like a Police Call Box;

-Doctor is an alien from planet Gallifrey. He travels through time and space on TARDIS with his companions.

-Dalek is a cyborg alien from planet Skaro, one of the Doctor's enemies.


So, here we can see:

-First reincarnation of the Doctor;

-His granddaughter Susan Foreman;

-TARDIS with it's console room (Console can be "blown off" in case of Dalek attack)  and corridor;

-76 Totter's Lane;

-A Dalek with a shooting  cannon.





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