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City Billboards: Painter and LEGO Ideas

This project is a continuation of my City Billboards collection, which are standardized billboards depicting classic LEGO themes. So if you're familiar with my other boards, you'll notice they have an identical frame and the same dimensions. Billboards are a great way to add unique flair and personality to any LEGO city or diorama.
These billboards were fun to make. They can be thought of as two separate boards, or as one in the process of being painted over with the LEGO Ideas logo. I know hand-painted billboards don't really exist nowadays, but I think creativity fits with the spirit of LEGO Ideas.
For the Ideas logo, I had the shape of the parallelogram designed pretty quickly, but struggled to find a way to make the U-shaped shadow. I just happened to have a few LEGO sausages on my desk, and voila, it works perfectly!
So far, I'm really enjoying creating these billboards, so keep an eye out for more designs, and feel free to make suggestions in the comments!
Part Count: Painter (14), Painted board (100), Ideas board (111), Frame and Stand (189)

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