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Octan Mini Shop with fuel pumps

The recent 4207 garage seem to be missing some thing......a mini shop.
This simple design is a fusion of the station office from the 2010 train station (style and sliding door) and components from the 2007 service station (oil bottle/fluids rack).
The register/computer would sit on a typical 2x3 cabinet with one drawer, the 2 studs left would be tiled so it looks clean and neat like a real mini shop/pay point.
The set would only require one minifig - positioned behind the counter as this would be an add-on set to either 4207, 7642 or any of the Octan service/gas stations Lego has released over the past twenty years as a form of modernising them.
Price in US dollars should be no more than twenty or less.

Here we have a real modern and realistic looking fuel pump/bowser based around the type being used by Shell in Australia.
Of course the forecourt roof and this pump set will add to the price but together we have a great little gas/service station which is very realistic.

Please feel free to comment or make suggestions.

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