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Dakar Rally Concept

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During my first semester of my Automotive Design Masters, I took on three briefs from the Car Design Awards China, one of which was to design a vehicle specifically designed to enter the gruelling Dakar Rally, for the Chinese SUV company Haval.

Haval, who have been entering the Dakar Rally since 2012, requested that the project outocome must convey Haval's design language, and must include exterior and interior proposals, hence why I included a few steering wheel designs in the pictures of the description.

My Masters major project in the second semester is a full on LEGO based project, for which I am designing a new LEGO Sci-Fi Exploration theme. The vehicle I designed for this project is very similar to one of the segments of vehicles I plan to design for my major project. I therefore decided to translate my Haval Dakar Concept into LEGO, so that it could go on to be a direct form of inspiration for my major project.

Haval have quite a curvaceous design language, so capturing this in LEGO was quite difficult. I managed it by using a series of hinges and pivots linked together to create a series of sections of the car forming a wave-like form.

You can also see the silver fins and flaps, which are pieces of active aerodynamics, and inspired by anime mecha; one of my most prominent sources of inspiration.

The model contains 801 pieces, and as well as serving as my projects final piece, I also feel it would be great stand alone model, hence why I thought I would upload it to LEGO Ideas.

If you want to check out my other two projects from my first semester (a transforming Lamborghini Racing Pod and an Autonomous Mercedes Luxury Car for the year 2050), and all of my other projects, just visit my website:

I hope you like the project, and thanks in advance for any feedback and support.



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