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Monster Truck Race


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About the model:

Introducing my very first Product Idea, a MOC of a Monster Truck Race. I tried to make a fun product that everyone can enjoy.

This model was not made for minifigures, it was designed by the idea of make a LEGO set playable, with many obstacles and three different amazing Monster Trucks.


One day I was thinking what makes LEGO the Nº1 company of toys I my answer was: children and adults can play with them, besides the high quality products. Then I realized that the LEGO sets all have a special move, component or detail that makes them very playable and an easy way to create a story or motivate to play with them.

I looked for a product easy to build, fun to play and a set that I could imagine in a LEGO store easily.

LEGO already launched a few sets of Monster Trucks (as 60180 and 60251 of City line) but they are “big” models. This set is not for LEGO Minifigures but for play with the vehicles itself.

The new ramps, obstacles and the idea itself makes it a great and original set.


· Includes three diferent amazing original designs of Monster Trucks

· Two ramps

· A movable obstacle

· A ring to pass through

· Choose you obstacle to jump over between old cars, barrels and cones.

Other info:

· Number of Pieces: 280

· Each truck is made of 65 pieces (so many details!).

· Built with Lego Digital Designer and Bluerender.

If you like this Project and wish for it to become a set, please give it your support and share.

Thank you very much!

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