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RoadRunner and Coyote


Beep Beep!

The popular duo from the Looney Tunes could be an official Lego set- all you need to do is support!

Coyote has been chasing the elusive Roadrunner since 1948 and has never had a decent meal. You could be the one to change that! This set comes with Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote, along with various traps from ACME. Using the posable models you could make coyote catch Roadrunner! Or you could just make him fall off a cliff as usual. It's up to you!

Roadrunner is the same height as coyote, just like in the cartoon. The coyote also has the ability to attach the Bat-Suit! Attempt to catch Roadrunner from a nearby canyon with the gliding Bat-Suit, featured in many episodes.

The set also comes with a train tunnel, which could be used as scenery for them to pass through, or a painful ending for coyote. He also has a catapult in his arsenal, that looks like the one from the episodes. You can load the boulders into the slingshot, that will often hit coyote in some way or another. it even has a string pull mechanism!

Of course, explosions are mandatory in this set and you won't be disappointed! A detonator and dynamite are part of Wile E.'s collection to capture the elusive bird. Roadrunner better watch out!

Other items include an anvil to drop from above, along with a cactus and assorted scenery for your schemes to take place.

Fans young and old will love this Lego set. But you won't be able to enjoy this creation unless it gets supported. Please support and show your friends this for your very own Lego Looney Toon set!


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