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Spooky Mansion


The Spooky Mansion is the perfect addition for your Monster Minifigures (Series 14 Minifigures are not included). You still see the beauty it once had, but time has left it's traces. Windows are broken, the paint of the walls peels off, some planks from the parquett are missing, the roof isn't exactly weatherproof and dust lays everywhere, but the undead residents don't mind.

There is always something happening in the Mansion, let's open it up to get a better view inside. In the basement the Wacky Witch brews some of her evil potions, well actually she tries to cook, but it doesn't really smell tasty...The Monster Rocker is revealing his softer side by playing the piano and the Zombie Businessman is always busy at his desk on the first floor. There is also a dining table with a bottle of lemonade and glasses, but I wouldn't try it if I where you, nobody knows how old it is. A rat is hiding underneath the four poster bed on the 2nd floor, someone really should change the sheets, they're not supposed to be mudgreen, are they? The Spider Lady is talking to her best friend in the attic as the Monster Scientist  creates a Fly Monster in his lab. Oh Skeleton Guy, I don't think it is a good idea to Trick or Treat at the Mansion, better watch out for the Plant Monster in the garden...

If the Spooky Mansion becomes a real set, everyone could tell his/ her own story of what is happening inside, but it can also just be on display at Halloween, therefore I think it would appeal to younger and older builders.

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