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Soyuz Rocket with Spacecraft


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We talked about spacecrafts flying in orbit, but how do they got there in the first place?

The Soyuz Rocket
The classic launch vehicle to taxi your payload into orbit!

- Soyuz Rocket used for various freight and cosmonauts lifts
- Two-staged rocket with four additional boosters
- Payload-bay carries a Soyuz capsule
- Soyuz capsule is threeparted into the Orbital Module (the spherical front), the Decent Module (returns to earth) and the Instrumentation & Service Module (with the solar panels attached)
- Including cosmonaut minifigure as well (just not in the picture)

- Sparate the four boosters after launch
- Separate the first stage during your acent
- Separate the rescue-rocket at the top
- Separate the Soyuz spacecraft from the second stage to finally enter orbit
- Attach the Soyuz capsules to your space stations
- Play the Soyuz return fligt by separating it into it's three parts (only one part returns to earth!)

Uses the same Soyuz capsules as my
- International Space Station (
- MIR Space Station (
Would be an excellent Taxi for them!

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