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Food Delivery Car


The food delivery car is constantly transporting food from the farm, outside the Lego city, to the modular food store, for satisfying the hungry customers ( if you want to see a short video animation, you can access this link:


The three main colors of this vehicle are: green ( predominantly ), light flesh and brown. The front of it includes some nice details, like: two lights, a registration number, side view mirrors and a transparent windshield. The sides of the vehicle are similar in the amount of details and features, having: green doors that can open and small stairs ( so the driver would enter easily in the cabin ). At the back of the car, there are: two pairs of lights ( one transparent and one orange ), the same registration number as it is at the front and a small opening door, with which the driver can have access to the storage area at the back of the vehicle. In that area, two boxes and also a trolley can be placed.

The accessories that come with the delivery car are: two brown boxes, filled with fruits, and a red trolley.

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