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Gates - 65 Million Years in the Making!



I am asking for your support with an aim to see my version of the iconic Jurassic Park Gates turned into an official LEGO Set. The 1993 film is my personal favourite, and with no set available to buy, I set about designing, and sourcing the bricks required, to build my very own. I am not just proud of this set but I think others would enjoy building, and displaying it. It makes for the perfect nostalgic centre piece to any collection.

I have concentrated on designing these gates as accurately as possible, considering the details from the original novel and visuals from the film. The size is scaled down for Minifigures ensuring that ratios are as close as possible. I would have preferred to use darker grey bricks, however not all of the bricks needed are currently available in the darker grey. I have used cheese wedges and studs in the build to add more texture to the gate walls and road. This has resulted in a much more interesting build, and a more visually appealing set.

This design is made of 100% genuine LEGO Bricks – (Brick count to come in the first update)

If you would like to see this set produced by LEGO, or if you are just a nice person, please support and share this project. I am aware that previous Jurassic Park Based projects have been denied. I hope that with enough support, LEGO will acquire the rights to produce, and release these popular sets.

Thank you 

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