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My "Dreamy Santa"


I spent a lot of time thinking about how to combine battle with warm elements,and as a result we thought of making Santa Claus a mech,and unexpectedly felt good.

This work mainly contains: 

1. A cool Santa mech.

2.7 minifigures: 5 children,1 adult,1Santa Claus.

3. A lot of Christmas gifts and food.

I use a lot of steering bricks to make this mech,and I especially design the various gifts on the limbs of this mech, such as toys,food,tools,etc. Why do I design this way?Because I believe that this can satisfy everyone's wishes and enable them to enjoy themselves.

This Dreamy Santa mech can not only bring joy to people,but also use its weapons to protect people and become a symbol of peace.

Its weapons:

1. The left-hand cannon can be replaced with a rotatable drill bit.

2. A sward of a Christmas tree.

3. Two types of catapults are placed on both arms and body.

Coupled with a jetted backpack,the Santa mech can bring happiness to people regardless of the four seasons,so that every day can be filled with laughter like Christmas.

The advantage of this work:

1. Easy to play.

2. This work can fulfill the wishes of children and adults.

3. It is also suitable for all ages.

If you like this piece of work,please vote for this work,let us make a wish together,reach 10,000 likes for this work ,and become the next set of LEGO ideas!

Welcome everyone to comment,thank you for watching.


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