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Joker's Hotrod

This was an idea I had over a year ago, prior to the DC Comics Super Heroes sets being released. Joker did have a hotrod in the original 60's Batman show and I thought it would be a cool addition to the theme.

The colours are more representative of Harlequinn, the reason for this is the bricks aren't available for the colours I would of like to have used(Purple, Lime, White and Black Accents).

The weapon turret swivels and lifts, the Batman 1 series used the "flick missiles" so I incorporated them into this model for consistency.

The roof is also hinged to get easy access to the minifigure.

I really liked the way the engine turned out, the bulk head was "inspired" by set 5541 Blue Fury.

Here is the original concept I had, these are the colours I would of liked to have made the vehicle with. There was a few changes when I came to rebuild the hotrod again.

Change Log:-
30-08-12 Main Project Picture Changed - Many thanks to GlenBricker for his time and effort.
04-09-12 Main Project Picture Changed - Even more thanks to Glenbricker for doing such a professional job of editing the photo, newer style minifigs were used as mentioned in comments section.

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