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The Voice Project


The Voice, also known as TVOH, is a Dutch reality television competition, created by John de Mol. Since its first season in 2010, it has been hosted by Martijn Krabbé and Wendy van Dijk.

One of the important premises of the show is the quality of the singing talent. Four coaches, themselves popular performing artists, train the talents in their group and occasionally perform with them. Talents are selected in blind auditions, where the coaches cannot see, but only hear the auditioner. Various international television networks have licensed or indicated interest in the format. The most famous are The voice us and uk ...

My lego project contains 401 pieces. As you can see, I represented the four chairs (yes the world famous one) whith the "push" button, the plateform for the singers, the silver the grey the voice hand, a drum and some other decorations. So, if you like it, support it ! I will certainly not add some minifigs because of the high number of coachs in all the country but I you have an idea for an international selling I will surely accept your propositions of minifigs.

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