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Fantastic Fruit Friends

Say hello to the fantastic fruit friends! This lovable group of buddies are always up for an adventure and are hoping to stay away from the smoothie blender for as long as possible. There are 7 individual characters in this group, including:

Alder Apple III, this mischievous fellow is always looking for trouble and is extremely picky over which brand of moustache gel he uses.
Bathel Banana, he is more than just your friendly neighborhood banana, he is always happy to help and never splits from his friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Chermold Cherry, this lovable couple is never seen apart, you just can't separate these two!
Parker Pineapple, this rad dude loves extreme sports, loud music and has the best hair in town.
Olivia Orange, she's extremely outgoing, loves spreading gossip and is always seen with her phone in her hand.
Garmond Grape Kids, these 6 kids have a ton of energy, they love to play with each other but they never venture too far from their home vine.
Patrick Pear, poor Patrick just loves food so much, he always overeats and constantly gives himself a belly ache.

These wacky, extravagant fruit will provide you with tons of entertainment and make a great addition to any Lego collection. We thank you for taking the time to look at our project, and we hope you consider supporting our project. Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated as well.

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