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The Golf Course

Introducing The LEGO Golf Course!  This is a fully operational and staffed set, complete with 4 golf carts, 2 service carts, 6 golfers (2 children), 6 indoor staff workers, 4 cart-boys, 2 complete course holes, 1 chipping and putting green, 1 driving range, and 1 golf clubhouse.  This is all my original idea.  It does look a bit rough, but suprisingly it's actually consists 2270 bricks for the entire set.  This idea would make a good set because LEGO has never made a golf set, and even if they did, it would be a promotional set or something like that.  I'm not trying to be rude or anything, it's just that it would be awesome if there was a LEGO golf set.  

The consists of descriptions of The Golf Course.  

Driving range:  Contains 5 flags with different colors on each one; includes stands that hold clubs at each station; golf ball retaining wall placed on sides

Chipping and putting green:  Uses microfigures as small pins; contains 4 stations that have 1 bowl and 2 golf balls at each station

Clubhouse:  has a restroom in the back; has a fully functional kitchen and bar; contains 2 stations for golf carts (beginning station on left, ending station on right); also contains seating for hungry consumers

Course holes-

Hole 1:  starts off with a nice, long fairway to the green; once player(s) land near/on the green, they must be careful of the rough and the sand trap that are located close to the green

Hole 2:  this fairway is blocked by a water hazard, which however then leads to a safe green

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