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The Sea Globe

The Sea Globe

Presenting my latest Idea, The Sea Globe captures life under the sea as well as scuba adventure and treasure seeking of plenty!

As you build this set you'll begin to appreciate the life under the sea! There's so many elements in this set based solely on the ocean, it's hard not to keep turning the crank to reveal more and more details for the exciting adventure anticipated while building it. I believe Lego designers would have a field day coming up with thier own version of my idea and would have a renewed appreciaton for the oceans creatures and it's admirers.

This set took me a few weeks to come up with. The design of the base came first with a few color changes, I decided to go with the sand green outter colors and tried to maintain a dock and rock feel with a hint of gold treasure. The turning tables and gear mechanisim came second as I knew I wanted an interactive crank to turn the scene so the user didnt have to turn the whole set around manually The third phase was coming up with the scene itself and properly placing the elements and animals for the final display.

With a few tweaks and staying true to how Lego pieces fit together I managed to get the shark to be the focal point while still making it fit inside the globe without the tail rubbing the inside of the globe. Also the green coral/grass at the top fits just inside as well to give it a full to the top look and feel. I went for all the detail I could get out of what I had available for pieces.

Check out my video on YouTube to see more and get an even more "in depth" look! 

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