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1) I know Lego already produced this vehicle, but in a battle pack and therefore out of scale.

2) I am open to suggestions regarding the minifigures and/or design issues.


The AT-RCT (All Terrain Riot Control Transport) was an assault walker used by the Grand Army of the Republic and the Imperial Army. It was still in use, though updated, about 150 years later during the Sith-Imperial and the Second Imperial Civil War. The walker was designed for use in cities and other areas with large populations.

height: 20 bricks
length: 20 studs (17 without dual laser cannon)
width: 16 studs

Piece count:

Walker: 275
Minifigures: 35 pieces
Total: 310 pieces

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2x B1 Battle Droid

2x Shock Trooper

1x Human civilian

1x Mon Calamari civilian

Front view

Room for two minifigures (pilot and gunner)

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