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LOST Dharma Van

LOST was a great show. Or, depending on how you view time and space, it still IS a great show.

I humbly propose a set or three based on LOST, and specifically the iconic Dharma Initiative van. The van itself is minifigure-scaled and is appropriate for both LOST fans and fans of the CITY range, providing a scaled retro bus in a pleasing colour.

The Dharma van could come in one of many friendly formats, namely:

Set 1: Mysteries of the Island, featuring the broken-down and rusted van, along with Hurley, Charlie, John Locke, Roger Workman, Vincent, and a polar bear.

Or Set 2: The Dharma Initiative 1977, featuring [spoiler alert] our favourite castaways as they appear when trapped in the past. Jack and Sawyer in Dharma jumpsuits, Kate and Juliette in motor-pool attire, and Sayid gone rogue.

Naturally the front circle plate would feature an appropriate sticker or printing.

Both versions of the Dharma van contain a few fun features, like a detailed interior, an easily-removable roof, and a sliding side door to provide access to the rear bench seat [for transporting whoever's been shot this week to whichever location is appropriate for some on-the-go jungle surgery]. They also have an opening rear to store vintage foodstuffs or access the engine [one of which is in better shape than the other].

Thanks for the support, and Namaste!

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