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Medieval Museum


this is my Lego Ideas submission to the medieval museum.

The medieval museum, nestled atop a majestic mountain with a waterfall, aims to bring the captivating era of the Middle Ages to life for future generations. The intuition behind constructing this museum was to create something unprecedented and to bridge the modern era with the medieval period.

But why would it make a fantastic LEGO set? With 2806 pieces, this set provides abundant details to recreate iconic features like the imposing display wall and the legendary sword in the stone. Its variety of rooms and levels promise endless creative play, making it an appealing choice for history and LEGO enthusiasts alike.

Even before you enter, dare to cast your gaze upon the imposing sword that majestically protrudes from the stone. It is whispered that only the one who possesses true courage and strength can free the sword from its stony prison, yet no one has succeeded thus far. Only the one who has the power to draw it from the stone shall receive free entry.

Step inside and marvel at the impressive display wall showcasing the shields of the most magnificent kingdoms of the Middle Ages. Pass by the legendary Round Table, where kings and knights once planned their adventures.

Ascend to the upper floor, where a fascinating collection of wax figures awaits you. Admire the magnificent armor and weapons of the knights as you climb the stairs to the Book Tower. There, old medieval stories and legends await, eager to be discovered by you.

But be warned, on the attic floor, a mysterious medieval spirit lurks. Are you brave enough to accept the challenge and unveil the secrets of the Middle Ages? Find out at the Medieval Museum – where the past comes alive! This set features a grand total of 2806 pieces, providing an immersive building experience like no other.

By voting for the medieval museum, you show your support for this great project and help me bring my vision of a Lego Set to life.

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