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The Golden Girls Set (Living Room and Kitchen)

UPDATED: I looked at the scale of other sitcom sets like Seinfeld and Friends, and I felt like there was room for more detail here. I watched the show again, and tried to keep my set's DNA the same but make it bigger and better than before. I love the outcome!

I've been a fan of The Golden Girls since I was a teenager, and I think lots of people who are still far from their golden years like me love it too. From Dorothy's sarcasm to Blanche's flirtations, Rose's naivety and Sophia's stories of the old country, it was fun to capture all that in LEGO.

As for the set, it actually all started with trying to make the wicker furniture (don't ask me why, it just seemed like a fun challenge). From there, it was another challenge creating the angular back of the living room that leads out to the lanai, and the recessed diagonal walls in the kitchen.

Improvements in my newest version:
  • Set is larger with more room for play.
  • Improved minifigures (check out their alternate expressions, they worked out perfectly)
  • Better accuracy with the colors, shapes and proportions.
  • More show references! (Rose's teddy bear, her piano-playing chicken Count Bessie, Sophia's red cookware, Stan's therapy monkey, Elvis Presley fan club sign, and of course coffee, chocolate and cheesecake.)
  • Living room and kitchen can be detached and displayed separately.

As Sophia said, "Look, you didn't ask me for my opinion, but I'm old so I'm giving it anyway" -- I hope you like this set and vote for it to become a reality.

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