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Dude Perfect HQ2


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This is the Dude Perfect HQ2. I built this because I am a big fan of dude perfect and wanted to have the headquarters. It has the whole Dude perfect crew including: Tyler, Garrett, Coby, Cory, Cody, Chad, Tim,and the panda. It has a full golf course with a putting green, sand trap, tee off station, and a rough. It is actually playable and has a golf bag with a driver,sand wedge, and a putter. By the golf course there is a tree house that they built out of the old basketball court. It has a ladder to get to the top of the treehouse. In the back there are four of the five offices. The first one is Tyler’s, it has a few trophies and a desk which a chair by it. In Garrett’s office there is a gaming computer and a few trophies and a stack of money. In Cory’s office there is a bed,desk,a few  trophies,a gaming console,and a computer. In Coby’s there is one trophy,a newspaper,tv,computer,a disco ball hanging up,and a chair. In front of the offices there is a ladder leading up to the second floor. On the second floor is where Cody’s office is. In it there are trophies, two ice cream coolers, some posters, a desk with a chair, and a bed. By his office there is the filming studio for overtime. To go along with overtime on the first floor by Ty’s office I have wheel unfortunate with a spinning wheel. By the overtime filming studio there is a small putting green to practice putting. Also on the first floor by the golf course there is a small place to get food. I think this would make a good and fun set. I hope this will reach its goal of ten thousand supporters.




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