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Witch's House And Light Up Jack O'Lantern In One


About This Project

This project idea is of a witch's house that is also a light up jack o'lantern. Out front of the house is a small walkway and pumpkin patch with a small jack o'lantern and a keep out sign. The house itself has a removable panel on the back side of the pumpkin for access inside the witch's house. The removable panel has the Lego light brick built into it for lighting up the jack o'lantern. Inside the house there is two floors. The first floor has the witch's cauldron where she is brewing up something. She is just about to drop in the eye of newt into the cauldron while she stirs it up. The studs inside the cauldron are all glow in the dark studs to give the witch's brew a cool effect. Beside the cauldron is a bookshelf full of books with some various ingredients on top of it. On the other side is a small table with more ingredients on it. On the floor is her pet snake. Behind the ladder and along the wall is a table with more ingredients and a magical ring on it. Also there is a magical staff and broom stored against the wall.Up the ladder is the second floor where there is the witch's bed with her cat on it. There is also her pet owl's perch. Also she has one of her brooms on the floor by her bed and a poison apple on the other side of her bed. 

Play Features:

  • Lights up like a real jack o'lantern care of a Lego light brick.
  • The back panel of the house can be removed for access inside.
  • The witch's brew glows in the dark.


  • One minifigure. The witch.
  • A cat.
  • An owl.
  • A snake.
  • Glow in the dark studs.
  • Lego light brick.
  • All other minifigure accessories pictured as well.

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Happy Building.


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