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Retro 80's Arcade


This is my Retro 80's Arcade. It is an arcade spanning two floors. The first floor contains arcade games and a redemption counter. The second floor contains a pizza parlour with a patio. The model has 5 classic arcade cabinets, a car racing game, a motorcycle racing game, 2 pinball machines, 3 claw machines, 2 air hockey tables, and a pool table. There is also a change machine, gumball/candy machine, and a vending machine. There is also an office with a safe on the second floor.

The reason I built this set is that I think it is a good set for anyone who likes realistic buildings, and arcades. People who grew up in the 1980s can reminisce about their childhood with this set. I believe it would make a good set because it does not have too large of a piece count (1680 pieces), it would be of interest to all ages of LEGO builders, and it can be a great addition to any LEGO collection or city.

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