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This set is based on the delightful children's animation "Bluey" which is made by Ludo Studio in Brisbane Australia for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Parents and children across Australia have fallen in love with the relatable characters and stories in which everyday life is given magical qualities through imaginative play. This show has taken Australia by storm with over 100 million views on ABC Iview and has now been released in the US, UK, New Zealand, and China.

The show's themes of imaginative play and family values run parallel with Lego's values and it is a perfect fit for a winning set.

This set includes:
• Bluey and Bingo characters along with their toys Polly the pink fox and the purple dolphin.
• Flowering poinciana tree with swings, seed pods, and lanterns.
• Sandpit with sandcastles and catapults
• Toy wagon
• Toy car
• Trampoline

Show reference:

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