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Hotel Monster-Inn


 This LEGO modular building, i call it the "Monster-Inn", it has an aproximate of 2,000 pieces, and it has a monster minifigure in the top as a statue, its a hotel with a little Halloween customized.


It is a construction building with three floors, it has a total of 5 rooms, 2 are located on the top and the other three, which are smaller, are located on the second floor.

First floor

In the first floor you can find the reception and the dinning room, there is the principal table that has 2 cups and one big plate, the other 2 tables are smaller and have two chairs each, theres is a buffet table, with cups, plates and a barrel.

You can also find the cleaning room behind the stairs, the door is located on the left side.

Second floor

When you go up, on the left is a secret door, and inside are a lot of empty boxes, on the front there is the big bedroom, the only one with a bathroom actually and has just a bed, on the right side of the stairs is a hallway and one bedroom on each side and the stairs for the last floor on the front, these 2 bedrooms are the smallest and just have one bed and one decoration.

Third floor

This floor has the largest 2 bedrooms, each one has one bed and one table with umbrella for two people, between the rooms, is a little garden and one small hallway, in the end you can see the frankenstein minifigure standing.

Thanks to two of my best friends that helped me with the building and for the hotel name, i really hope that everyone helps me getting all the supporters so it can be made a real LEGO product.

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