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Black-Gold Chess


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Hi everyone !

Your designer of French chess is back with the new board "Black-Gold Chess"!

After seeing the realization of a bonsai ( of Full Plate (, I immediately resumed the idea of ​​the base and I modified it to fit my new chess board.
This latter consists of 4 different colors-playing two roles: primary and secondary:
-the black and gold ( "Warm gold") in main colors
-The dark blue ( "Earth blue") and light gray ( "Medium stone gray") in secondary colors

Why these colors?
First, because I'm like a magpie: I like gold and making the best out for my taste is black. Then the "blue earth" to the grooves between each box because it is a color that marries quite well with black as with gold. The "medium stone gray" is because they are the other colors that bring out sufficiently to make crossroads office without however distorting the wedding colors.

For game pieces, ideas were taken on one of my chess (including rider and crazy). The basis of the documents is the same for all but a "floor" is added from the tower and then another from the crazy creating the vertical shift necessary for parts to recognize their rank.
A presision on the counters: a round plate 1 * 1 will be removed in reality (64 bricks in modeling).

Finally, here is the countdown modeling number of rooms:
-2940 Bricks including:
 -1542 Bricks for the game pieces
 -1398 Bricks to the chess board
Or 2876 bricks in reality.

That's the new chessboard, hoping you like it and if it please you my other chess:
-The Royal Chess (
-The Classic Chess (
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-The Christmas Chess (
-The Easter Chess (

Thank you for reading to the end,
Your French chess fan and LEGO,


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