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Mini NASA SR-71


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The SR-71 was a plane that NASA used between from July 25, 1991, to October 9, 1999. It was modified from its original version to be able to hadle a variety of missions, including climate surveying, breaking speed records, and using the first female Blackbird pilot. NASA was lucky to get their hands on the fastest and highest manned airplance in the world, with a top speed of 2,193 mph or 3,5291 km/h or Mach 3.3, also flying a height of 85,069 feet or 25,929 m. Today, they have all been retired, and are on display all over the world.

This set constains:

  • Blackbird plane
  • Stand/runway
  • 2 Blackbird Pilots
  • Interchangeable parts including the sensors and landing gear
  • cantains ~300 peices

Thanks to those who supported the original project, this is a resubmission with heavy modification from the last one. 

And I hope you will support this project

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