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Captain Harlock


Hello, the set proposed today is the famous scienze fiction series Captain Harlock.

The set consist of 734 bricks and specifically represents the spaceship Arcadia accompanied a minifigure of Captain Harlock.

The Arcadia, also know as Arkadia or Alkadia (in the anime Captain Harlock), is the ship of Captain Harlock, the protagonist of several anime and manga.

In the saga of Captain Harlock, the Arcadia is the most powerful starship universe, technologically superior to all others of his time, Harlock does not fear any comparison when is at the hem of Arcadia, it becomes the tool with which to defend his ideas.

The Arcadia is not considered as a simple space ship, a background against which set his stories, but as a real character who often plays a starring role.The Arcadia is alive, free, is a unique force that makes those who follow the principles of superheroes.Similarly it is also a place, impregnable fortified city, a symbol of freedom and independence.Arcadia is a region of Greece that in poetry and mythology has always been an idyllic world, a place where you could live free and happy.In this ideal inspires the space Pirates as opposed obtuseness of men of earth.

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