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Midnight Hauler

A while back I set out to build a Semi Truck and Trailer that would fit right into City Theme vehicles. I also wanted to make it stand out with a color scheme and details in the build. I went with a North American conventional truck and a refrigeration trailer that matched. I settled on what I think people would see driving around the streets of their LEGO City delivering frozen products to the local Grocer.
I took inspiration from the Mack Anthem, and many other brands, but not enough to have it one particular brand. It uses the same wheelbase as city vehicles, and the dimensions are as follows.

Semi 8 studs wide x 25 studs long x 13 studs tall.

Trailer 8 studs wide x 40 studs long x 12 studs tall.

While building and designing, I tried to incorporate as much playability into this set as possible. The Trailer roof comes off for easy access to the frozen goods inside. The Truck has several ways to quickly remove sections revealing what is underneath. The sleeper contains a mini fridge, bed, TV, and other miscellaneous details. Underneath the hood, you will find a red Cummins engine. The truck and trailer both contain a lime green brick hidden in the build, this is because it is my favorite color. The wheels have a black color to fit the name of the truck itself, the Midnight Hauler.

This model will certainly add to the city vehicle collection because it is a clean and sharp-looking model.

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