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Antarctic Snow Cruiser


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Antarctic Snow Cruiser

The Antarctic Snow Cruiser was a vehicle designed late 1930's, intended to facilitate transport in Antarctica. It has a very interesting and adventurous history.

The vehicle:
Cruiser (known as Turtle), a very innovative vehicle, designed to operate at extreme conditions.
Plane (known as Eagle), a Beechcraft D17 Staggerwing type airplane mounted on the roof of the cruiser. (To get the airplane on or off the Cruiser, a ramp of snow was to be built-up to meet the sloping aft deck of the "Turtle".)

The set presents the Arctic Snow Cruiser with a correct minifig scale. All the parts connects fine, the whole vehicle is very stable to grant great playability.
With tons of features the set offer a very good playing for everyone.

Features on brief:

- steerable with built in steering mechanism
- detachable roof tiles at the control room, sleeping quarters, storage room to put minifigs and to play
- hinges allow the trunk lid to be raised
- usable spare wheel (located in the trunk)
- engine room
- equipped interior, furniture, machines to play
- easy to detach the plane
- highly realistic to the original vehicle

- minifig scaled plane with pilot
- detachable cockpit roof
- movable ailerons
- storage boxes for equipment (with door lock)
- adjustable suspension
- highly realistic to the original staggerwing

Five minifig supported, all has a place in the vehicles:
- Expedition Leader
- Cruiser Commander
- Scientist
- Pilot
- Mechanic

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