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Hybrid Star Agent Tank


Now a new Agent team appeared to save the city!

 Strange villains appeared in Megalopolis! They are Mechatron, Lazer-Trax, and Techtron! Especially, Mechatron is attacking the city with his Power Suit! It has ferocious Metal Blade, and a Giant Hand! Now Star Agent team has to go! Move this massive Hybrid Star Agent Tank, the HQ of the Star Agent team! You can open the cover in front of the tank, and seat the Star Agent leader Steve! Moreover, this tank's cover can be opened! On the side covers, there are weapons for the Star Agent team. If you are urgent, you can take a new weapon from the side covers, and fight with the evil villains! Now crush down those evil villains, and save the city!




-including 10 minifigures: Steve, Doc, Eric, Duke, Danny, Ann, David, Techtron, Lazer-Trax, Mechatron

-David's office has a computer, and a controlling monitor. You can stand the Danny's orange bike next to the office! This project includes additional pieces and models: Danny's Bike Helmet, fixing drill. Ann's car.

-Mechatron's Power Suit is a massive robot! Its Metal Blade can rotate, and cut the buildings! This robot has a hand, which can grab a lego minifigure! It has a symbol of Mechatron on the robot's chest. The robot's leg is made of lego pieces, and you can make the robot's  position in anyways! On this robot, there are additional 4 weapons.

-Mechatron's henchmen: Techtron, Lazer-Trax. Techtron is a kind of evil robot. It was once an assistant of a rich person, but the rich person abandoned this robot, and it became evil by the Mechatron! It has a Digital Aluminum Blade, and he can use it for attack. Lazer-Trax was once a friend of the Duke(Star Agent member), but he betrayed them, and he decided to attack citizens! He owns a yellow Lazer Sword, which is really powerful to melt the steel! He owns a Twim-Ax, too! He swings it together with the Lazer Sword, so agent members have to be careful!


-Hybrid Star Agent Tank is the command base of the Star Agent Team. But, wait! What is the Star Agent? This team is an all new team, which consists of various members. There are more, but now there is a leader, and other agents: Steve(leader),  Doc(agent), Eric(agent), and Duke(special agent). Why Duke is a special agent? Because he got a special training from this team, so he has more powerful skills to arrest villains. This team has a strange weapon called Lazer Sword, which looks similar to the Lightsaber. Why this team use this? Because, some villains uses the Lazer Sword to strike the citizens more easily. In order to defend this attack, Star Agent team had to prepare those kinds of weapons.

-Hybrid Star Agent Tank looks like a giant battle machine. Right! This is the most powerful weapon of this team! You can open the cover of the front side, and you can see the controlling seat. Leader Steve commands to the agents what to do at there. He can see what's near them, and who is trying to attack citizens. This tank's conveyor chain is the rubber one, so this tank can move to anywhere. On the side of the tank, you can see the cover of the tank, and you can open it! Then, you can see the weapons for the battle. When the Agent members are in danger, they can take the weapons quickly from this part, and avoid the dangerous situation! The weapons are on the both side of the tank. Now you can see the another cover of this tank. There is an engine of this tank, and a black antenna. But surprisingly, you can open it! When you open it, you can see the agent member's commanding base, and controlling board. When villains appear near them, they can arrest them by raiding quickly!

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