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Beachside Home

This set includes a beach home that connects to the Beachside Shops project I made, though it also works as it's own thing.
The set is build on a rocky base with a driveway in the back that allows for vehicle access. The vehicle in question that comes with this set is a lime colored jeep that has room for four minifigures. The jeep fits under a colorful awning that attaches to the house. A stone pathway leads to a tree swing and the front door. The first level of the home features the living room (with a couch, TV, chair, dog bed, and dog bowls), a kitchen, and a bar. The stairs lead to the second floor, which has a kid's bedroom, an adult bedroom, and a bathroom. The set also includes a jet ski build, a dog, and a sea turtle.
In total, this set has 2,283 pieces and includes 6 minifigures: a mom and dad, three kids, and a grandparent.

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