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Hello Spank!


Who loves Spank???

Everyone loves Spank. I love Spank!

I remember it was one of my favourite cartoon of my childhood. He was born on 1978 as a manga in Japan by Shun’ichi Yukimuro and Shizue Takanashi. Then on 1981 it became a TV cartoon, and arrived in Europe around 1982, in Spain, UK, France, Germany and Italy.

Spank is the main character, he is a white dog with black hears, he is so funny, lovely, and clumsy.

Spank has got a friend : Torakiki (Torakichi), a brown cat with a red tie, very funny, they have lot of adventures together, sometimes they help each other and sometimes they argue very hard, but at the end their friendship wins.

Spank is in love with a little kitty named Micia (Kyatto), so whenever he meets her, his eyes turn to hearts, and loses his mind.

I had a lot of fun to build them, with few pieces you can change his feelings and facial expressions.

Please, support my Idea for this lovely and funny set, because Spank is for all lovely people, young and adults. Thank you all folks!!!

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