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Batman Gotham Rogues Stadium

Hello Lego and Batman Fans!
I'm showing you here my idea for a new Lego Batman set.
The Stadium of the Gotham Rogues.
The Gotham Rogues are the official football-players of Gotham City. There was a big scene in The Dark Knight Rises, where Bane blew up the roof of his underground hideout under the football-field, where the whole field collapsed. In the movie, the Gotham Rogues were playing against the fictional team "Rapid City Monuments". The set would feature 1 Gotham Rogues player, 1 or 2 Rapid City Monuments player, 3 Gotham Fans, 2 Rapid City fans, 1 Referee, Bane and Dr. Pavel.
I can also imagine, that the football-players will have functinal legs, just like the Lego Basketball-players. This would make this set fully functinal. You could actually play football with this set.

Maybe there will be also one Camouflage Tumbler included. Just like in the movie.

This is how the fans could look like:

Bane, Dr. Pavel and of course ... Batman:

I hope you like this project. It would be awesome, if you would support it.

Thank you!

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