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Islanders: King Kahuka Palace


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The whole idea was born when, while browsing the bricks collection, I came across two red canoes and a few palm leaves. I remember when I was a kid I dreamed of a canoe with the islanders. And what's even better than a canoe?
An idol statue-shaped palace carved into the rock. I imagined that Islanders are a powerful ancient civilization that can carve beautifully in rock. It has its own architectural style and appreciates gold very much. Wood is also a very expensive material. To better represent the shape of the idol, I used the SNOT technique. I used a set of lego power functions for lightening bonfire.

About the project:
I created a palace of King Kahuka carved out of the rock in the shape of the idol they worship. The palace is located on a small island. The palace is richly decorated with bas-reliefs on the front. There are fires burning in the place of the eyes of the idol. In several places, there are golden elements emphasizing the richness of this ancient civilization. The whole thing is overgrown with vegetation. A stream flows from the rock from which the palace was carved. To better reproduce the shape of the idol, additional stone and wood turrets were built on the rock. Interesting accents are shields and spears placed in several places. They play a visual role and can be used by defenders if necessary. I used several shades of gray to map the rocks. Additionally, the brown wooden elements and the black construction elements of the turrets are visible.

The model includes:
- King Kahukas throne room with a richly decorated throne.
- the hidden vault in the cave. There are gems and gold veins on the cave walls. Additionally, a statue of the idol is kept in the treasury, taken out, and carried to the altar during important ceremonies.
- a small marina used to bring supplies
- lockable gate with a turnstile inside the palace
- a prison in the rock tower, where the enemies are held
- a hanging cage for the biggest villains
- defensive turrets with weapons, bows, and spears magazines.
- decorated altar with a small golden statuette
- a fireplace for preparing meals

The project consists of about 2,500 bricks.

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