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Modular Train Station


This is my Modular Train Station. For the first time, we can integrate a railroad into the Modular Houses-series. The rail run across the street, so there is a railway crossing on the sidewalk.

On the left side of the rail, there's the train-platform and a ticket booth. Next to it, there's a Snack-Bistro, which also supplies the "Under Construction"-Bar on the roof.

On the right side of the track, there's the "Mainstation-Building" - and a forecourt. There are waiting areas outside (on the forecourt) and inside the building on the ground floor (when it's raining outside). In the waiting area, there are benches, and on the first floor, there's also a tabletennis-table ...for those travelers with longer waiting times.

On the second floor, there's a small room for station staff. It contains a bed, a table with a chair, an umbrella stand and a small closet.

What can be seen on the pictures:

  1. The complete Modular Train Station from the front.
  2. All individual "module blocks" from above
  3. The Modular Train Station, connected to "10251 Brick Bank" and "10246 Detective's Office".
  4. The ticket booth and the Snack-Bistro (the back wall is removed for the picture)
  5. The "Mainstation-Building" from the back (the back wall is removed for the picture)

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