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Sherlock 10th Anniversary: 221b Baker Street


The BBC show Sherlock is celebrating its 10th anniversary. For that occasion, I’ve decided to submit this project.

The model consists of the show’s main, iconic location of 221b Baker Street and seven minifigures.

Minifigures included: Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Molly Hooper, Moriarty, Mary Morstan, Mrs Hudson and Eurus.

Accessories included: Sherlock's magnifying glass, violin case, tea set, an umbrella, a syringe, a can of yellow spray paint, 4 revolvers, a brown moustache for Watson, 3 wigs for Eurus, a TV remote, a brick-built violin, a microscope, 2 tickets, a pink phone, a chessboard, many books and notes.

Recreate many iconic scenes from the show. The model also includes many references to Sherlock’s cases.

Please support and share, so that this project could become an actual set. We can reach 10000 supporters!

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