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Monochrome Retro AIR RACER

A classic air racer - built for speed!

This aircraft is inspired by some classic air racers of the 1920s and 1930s... zooming around a circuit at high speeds and low levels makes for some adrenaline-fuelled action!

It's a modest size (wingspan 33 cm), so works well for 'swooshing' around the house as well as going on static display.
  • Includes nice details like a radio transmitter (behind the canopy), radiators and exhausts.
  • The monochrome colours suit the 'classic' look and makes it a nicely composed model.

Why would it make a great set?
  • In my humble opinion, LEGO could do with a nice medium-scale realistic (but playable) aircraft.
  • The curves of an aircraft are really hard to recreate - I feel this scale works well, making use of the curvature of some LEGO pieces.
  • Air racing is awesome (and peaceful!)

I have always wanted to attempt a realistic LEGO aircraft - this is my first MOC, and was inspired to build this by the shape of a few special bricks in my collection that I thought would work in harmony together.

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