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Medieval Flower Shop


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Once upon a medieval time, there were no flower shops, florists, or even flower gardens. Valentine's Day was fast approaching, but, due to the absence of flowers, there was a slight feeling of panic spreading amongst the kingdom's finest. For, alas, the knights in shining armor had no flowers to give to their lovely ladies. Worse still, the king had no flowers to give to the queen. Would there be an "Uprising of the Fearsome" (a hoard of angry women), or would a flower shop appear at just the right moment? Was it too much for the brave knights and their king to hope for?
This build consists of a florist shop with upstairs living quarters, a large garden, and a potting shed. It includes 5 minifigures: a married couple (florist and gardener), a noble lady, a knight, and a servant of the king.
The main building:
  • Shop area downstairs for the florist to sell her flowers and arrangements
  • Cubby underneath the stairs for bags of seeds
  • Dutch door (top can open independently of the bottom panel)
  • Upstairs living space that includes a fireplace, bed, bookcase, and writing desk
  • Upstairs easily detaches from the downstairs

The garden area:
  • Large tree (with an owl perched inside)
  • Covered well
  • Cobblestone path
  • Wheelbarrow full of purple flowers
  • Multiple flower beds

The potting shed:
  • Plenty of windows for air circulation
  • Planting pots & seeds
  • Gardening tools, including a funnel, shovel, pruning shears, gardening fork, and small shovel
  • Bordered on the right side by sunflowers
I built this idea because I enjoy flowers and would love to see more medieval/castle sets in the future. This build would bring a substantial amount of color to any medieval setup. If you are a fan of medieval builds or flowers, please support and share this idea with your friends. Thank you!

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